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Due to the proximity of our office to the main campus of Northwestern University, Pfeifer & Pfeifer, Attorneys at Law has a great deal of experience defending students of this school in Evanston. We understand the unique situation that a young person finds him or herself in after being arrested. We will do everything possible to get the case dismissed or minimize the damage to the student in a cost-effective manner if you have been charged with a crime.

Types of ID Crimes

One common situation college students find themselves in is when they get in trouble for trying to use a fake ID. There are state and local laws against possessing a fake ID. For example, the city of Evanston has its own laws prohibiting fake IDs. If a student is caught with a fake ID, chances are that the student will be arrested. Under Evanston ordinance, the maximum punishment is a fine. Another concern, however, is how to keep a clean criminal record so potential employers do not find out about the case. We are aware of how important it is to keep a clean record and we fight to defend against the arrest as well as expunging the record wherever possible.

In addition to the potential fines and criminal record, there may be unfortunate ramifications on the student's driver's license resulting from an arrest for having a fake ID. The arresting officer has discretion about what to do with the fake ID. If the police officer sends the fake ID to the Secretary of State in Springfield, Illinois, the Secretary of State may suspend or revoke that student's actual driver's license. Because almost all states are part of the driver's license compact, Illinois driving records are shared with other states. Therefore, it is possible that an out-of-state student whose driving privileges become suspended or revoked may face a similar consequence in the student's home state and any other state in the country.

Charged with a fake ID crime in Evanston?

Going off to college is a wonderful time in a young person's life. For many Northwestern University students, leaving home to go off to college is the first time that they are living on their own. Often times, a college student makes a single mistake or uses poor judgment one time and unfortunately, can wind up getting arrested. This is a very serious matter and should not be taken lightly.

As a parent of a Northwestern University student, you may be angry at your son or daughter for getting arrested. Most of all, however, you are worried about what will happen to him or her.

We realize how worried you must feel if your son or daughter is arrested, and we are here to help make this process at painless as possible. We take special care of all of our clients, but we are especially aware of a situation when a young person with no criminal background and with a bright future ahead of himself gets in trouble with the law.

We have successfully defended numerous Northwestern University students facing charges including but not limited to:

If you have been charged with using a fake ID in Evanston, then you need skilled representation on your side. You need a lawyer for fake ID cases in Cook County if you want the greatest chance of success.

Contact our Cook County criminal defense attorneys today to discuss your situation and to begin pursuing the results that you need. Do not wait until it is too late to get the criminal representation you deserve.

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