Cook County Defense Attorney

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If you have been arrested, you need an aggressive Cook County criminal defense lawyer to safeguard your rights. At Pfeifer & Pfeifer, Attorneys at Law, we have been helping clients in our community since 1978, with more than 50 years of combined experience.

It is important for you to understand that if you are convicted of a criminal charge, you could face serious penalties. It is crucial to retain a firm that you feel comfortable with and trust. Throughout our years of experience, we have gained the following experience:

  • We know how the prosecution operates.
  • We understand how to build an effective defense of your charges.
  • We have extensive trial experience.

Criminal Cases We Handle

Your future is simply too important to leave up to chance. This is not the time to work with an inexperienced lawyer. You should be confident that you are receiving the qualified legal assistance that will help you reach the best possible case outcome.

We have extensive litigation experience in fighting for our clients' rights for the following types of charges:

The time immediately following a criminal charge of any kind can be one of the most frightening, isolating, and overwhelming situations that you will ever have to deal with in your life. When you are caught in a situation of this nature, the very best thing that you can do for yourself is to secure the legal assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney who is well versed in this area of the law.